Tax free find, spanytt and the plan for the next "Cindy cross"

Check out the sky! The weather was complete After the brew visit at Cinderella, there were still a couple of hours left of the glorious March cruise. The sun was shining and while I got into a moderate and good salmon sandwich in Melody Café I let my eyes rest on the archipelago outside and thought - once again - that ...
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Kids Clubs

Stena Line's response when we almost missed the ferry

Stena Line's chubby chimneys are seen far away. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer. Now there is a movie about our journey between Gothenburg and Kiel earlier this summer with Stena Line! The summer was pretty cruising otherwise, but at least we got this day at sea with the ferry Stena Scandinavica (click on ...
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With Stena Nautica against Denmark

Stena Nautica just passes the beautiful cold bath house on the way into Varberg harbor. Photo: Heidi Rovén. In early July we drove to the West Coast. After a few days at various spa hotels (including Falkenberg Strandbad and Ästad winery) we steered the cuddle towards Varberg, one of the country's many fine coastal resorts which are…
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Baltic Queen

A wine, four prizes - a lesson in duty free shopping

At Silja Symphony, you know during the "nightmare dinner", I ordered a glass of white wine by Captain's Choice, called Tommasi Masseria Surani Arthemis. Price for a glass: 109 kronor. I liked it and bought a bottle in their tax free store Superstore aboard. It was not great but because it's tax free ...
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