MSC Grandiosa has a wide range of activities for children, teenagers and anyone "young at heart". Outdoors there are (in addition to the normal pools) for example a high altitude adventure course called "Himalayan Bridge" and the Wild Forest Water Area with water slides, pool and various fountains and water cannons. We tested a similar area at MSC Meraviglia and the kids loved it!

On deck 16 you can find Virtual Games Arcade with arcade games where you swipe your card (seapass / cabin key / ID). There are also bowling, racing simulators, 4D/interactive cinema and a VR maze from Triotech. In the maze you can play games such as Virtual Rabbits and Assassins Creed. I didn't get to test the games this time because it was fully booked or not running when I was there, but I heard from others who tried the 4D-cinema for example that it was similar to the movies we saw / played on MSC Seaview. Hilarious!

The wheels of the simulator had not arrived yet when I was onboard, remember that the ship had just been launched!

Prices for Virtual Games Arcade

The prices for the various activities are as follows:

Activity/ One ride/ Extra

Formula1-simulator, 12 euro, activity plus cinema: 20 euro

Interactive cinema XD, 9 euros for adults, 7 euros for children

Bowling 30 euro/30 min (55 euro/60 min), Shoes 2 euro

VR-maze 15 euro

There's also something called My Smart Card for children 7-17 years old. You can charge the card with either 50, 100 or 150 euro and let the children handle purchases such as drinks, snacks and FunPass themselves.

Fun pass on MSC Grandiosa

The card's slogan reads "The more you play, the less your pay" which is partly true. At least, you pay less per round/game. The card is valid for all activities on deck 16 except for the machines with prices in them.

Spend 50 euros and get 10 euros extra, ie 60 euros to spend.
Spend 70 euros and get 20 euros extra, ie 90 euros to spend.
Spend 100 euros and get 40 euros extra, ie 140 euros to spend.

Learn more about Fun pass on MSC Seaview.

Kids clubs

On the first day, all rooms in the Kids club area are open and parents and children can go in and look at the rooms together. If you want, this is also the right time to sign in/fill in forms so your children can join the kids clubs on the cruise. Older children can get permission from their parents to come and go as they please, and for younger children you enter exactly who may check them out (maybe you are cruising with family & friends that you trust and want to get help from with this).

Our children have tested MSC Cruise's children's clubs on other ships in the same class and our experience is that it's been great. The collaboration with Lego is a hit, the playrooms are very nice and at times children and parents can play together in the rooms (for example building with lego).

At MSC Grandiosa there are super modern facilities and activities where the children can learn how to create stop motion movies with lego, make web productions and other fun things that are popular right now. Here is a brief explanation of the age divisions and examples of activities for the various children's clubs.

Baby Club (up to 3 years) Here you can find both play and learning activities on the programme with special themes and things by the brand Chicco. Parents can not join during Baby Care times, but during Baby Time, parents can play with their children.

Sailors (3-6 years) has activities such as modeling, lego, puzzles, Art & Craft, Nintendo, film, sports and drawing.

Pirates (7-11 years) has activities like Art & Craft, Web Creator Room, Lego Master Builder, Minecraft, FIFA, Sports, Nintendo, PS4 and much more.

Teen Club (15-17 years) has activities like ping pong, sports, Just Dance competitions, PS4/ VR games, FIFIA 20, disco and more. RovenActivitiesKids ClubsBlogFamily CruisesMSC CruisesMSC Grandiosacinema, bowling, family cruise, family cruise, formula1, cruise, msc cruises, MSC Grandiosa, triotech, virtual reality, our mazeMSC Grandiosa has a wide range of activities for children and young people. Outdoors are (in addition to the usual pools) partly the high altitude Himalayan Bridge and the Wild Forest Water Area with water slides, pool and various fountains and water cannons. We tested a similar area at MSC Meraviglia and the kids loved it! On the tire 16 lies ...Cruises - news, great tips and advice