We have finally arrived! We are checked in and in our cabin - a nice balcony cabin of 14 sqm on deck 12.

MSC Seaview was launched 2018 and is therefore only 1 year old which one can tell. Everything feels modern and new. So also the cabin.

The design is dark green and gray-brown with elements of shiny white metal. The bathroom is beige-brown. The style feels elegant and very nice.

Comfortable beds

In our case (we are a family of two adults and two children) the cabin consists of a double bed and a bunk bed where the children sleep. The beds are comfortable, here you sleep well.

In addition to the beds, there is the usual table under a mirror on the wall and a small table / pallet that can be pushed under the table so that it does not take up space when it is not in use. Very practical.

We asked our stateroom attendant to empty the mini bar so we could set up yogurt or milk for the kids if needed. It went well. Overall, our stateroom attendant Adrian is very nice and friendly.

Don't have too much luggage

The wardrobe could, however, have been better designed. The sliding doors means that you only see one half of the wardrobe when it is open, and when you pull up the doors, they close again by themselves. Not so practical!

On the side with shelves there is a safe at the top, three open shelves and two drawers. For us who are a family of four who like clothes (and children need many peices for change like everyone who has children knows!), so the space is not enough. We even have to put clothes in the small bedside tables where you are suppoed to have other things like books and personal things.

Well, apart from that, the cabin feels pretty spacious. The air conditioner works well and there are buttons for notifying if you don't want to be disturbed (DND, Do Not Disturb) or if you want the statesome attendant to show up (to clean the room for example, just press the Please Make Up Room-button).


The bathroom has a shower with shampoo and shower cream container on the wall and a built-in soap pump. Steam after shower is pulled out quickly and efficiently and the shower has a "stick" in the corner to put up a foot on for women who want to shave their legs. The shower area is small, not much space actually.

Pool towels are provided and all you need to do is ask if you want them exchanged for fresh ones (on many other cruise lines you need to go and change them yourself). Bathrobe, slippers and such is missing though in this category. When we arrived, there was a fruit basket in the cabin which was nice.

The trash bin is divided into three parts so that one can sort the garbage.

The balcony has two chairs and a footstool and is larger than in many other balcony cabins we have had lately (but still small).

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