At the end of September I crossed Birka. The whole company consisted of five worn-out pediatric mothers who all looked forward to some rest and glamor. It became an intense reality escape, where I think cruises are the perfect travel form. At sea, you feel shielded from all walks of life and can relax completely, if only for a day ...

At that, five females climbed and five princes climbed, or I exaggerate now? Inside, it felt so in any case. My fellow cruiser was unhappy at the concept and I was glad to guide them. How did you get to the ship best? What should you pack? Was there anything special to think about? The questions were more than expected and even though I was both busted at the bus stop and had forgotten our cruise coupons were all the luck!

Just before the sextime on Saturday we were well aboard and installed in our cabins, a quality cabin and a luxury cabin. I shared a cabin with Anna who only had experience of a less successful Finland Cross. She was impressed by Birka's luxury cabin and repeatedly repeated how nice it was - imagine that you could cross the Baltic Sea!


The journey began with a champagne bowl while leaving Stockholm's port. Then we went from bubble to bubble - the next point of the program was visiting the Birkas Aqua Spa department. Spat is divorced from their pool and solarium and consists of various baths and steam rooms - which unfortunately were not running and despite the fact that this was only started when we had to go ... (as they were at the reception they were welcome on fresh berries as compensation).

At night we greeted the cabins; the cloaks went warm, the make-up came in place and a little more bubbles (talk and in the glasses) he we had before it was time to go for dinner. It is always good to pre-order the food, it will be both cheaper and you will be guaranteed a table. We also had one of the best tables - the round in the bow with sea views with red velvet chairs and white tablecloths.

_MG_8990_1Even though the cruise menu (3 dishes for 295 kr) looked appealing, all of us chose the seafood buffet. It runs between 30 / 8 - 26 / 10 and costs 495 kr. There were a lot of people and queues for everything but luckily people were well behaved and Birka had set up service where they could; For example, a friendly man stood up and kicked up the celestial crayfish so that it was fast and easy for anyone who wanted to taste (and definitely, it was heavenly good).

In addition to the soup, there were oysters, lobster, sea crayfish, common crayfish, shrimps and smoked shrimps, vongole, mussels of different flavors, lots of sauces, salad, bread and a variety of good cheeses. As a finish, there were little brownie bits to make up for.

We sat and philosophed about how much lobster could actually go, you could really fill the plate again and again if you wanted to, they just filled up more and more on the dishes! Considering what it costs to eat seafood in a country, just say to all the seafood lovers ...!

_MG_9002_1Measured and satisfied we went around and peeked at the different bars and dance floor. People were enjoying themselves and having fun, but suddenly, we suddenly agreed that we were in an middle age at Birka; while we felt a bit too young for the dance bar where the most danced "mogendans" were, we became painfully aware that we also felt a little too old for the discot (the dance floor is laid on the pool in the evening and you dance under the palms). We never thought those songs came as compelling or as we recognized ...

We still danced for a while and had fun before we pulled back to one of the cottages and chatted for a moment before we left.

The next morning they upgraded the quality cabin to luxury breakfast, yes you can do it. If you have a luxury cabin, the more luxurious breakfast is served, which is a bit secluded and quiet in some of the à la carte restaurants. Usually it costs 159. It was nice to sit down and someone came and ordered omelets and bacon, and served coffee at the table.

The next point was understood; shopping! First a turn in Birka's Quality Market (where almost everyone bought something and almost everyone bought a multifunctional spaghettislev :-)) before we got lost in big tax fry. I thought I had been there for a long time when I did not find any of the other girls and went out; I must have been last? That was the exact opposite. Everyone was left and jumped so they came up in both one and two cruise vouchers (buy one for 800 kr for a free new cross)!


I was a bit put on a misleading rehearsal as I thought promised 25% extra discount on already reduced Guess bags (and everyone in the company interpreted it equally, wrong mistake) but at point of view they actually changed the sign - albeit muttered - and that's the case good that they are responsive to their customers' views :-).

After a coffee in Café Brazil (some names on board are still exotic despite the conceptual change of Swedish, local and archipelago - the ship is no longer called Birka Paradise, but only Birka, or Birka Stockholm) it was time to go to the next activity. Because it was a surprise, the girls first only knew that they would wear swimwear and that we would then meet on tire 10. When I revealed what was on the program; skin care school, they cheered! What if something is not done when time and energy are insufficient, is it self-sufficiency? Perhaps just what you would like more of these times ...

skin care school birka

Told and done, up to Aqua Spa again where I first poured out a short massage among all the girls before we were shown to the private sauna department. In fact, I had never been what I could remember so it became something new even for me. While the lucky winner Carina enjoyed the massage, we basted others as soft and relaxed. The private relaxation area also has cabinets, showers, wc and chairs for a whole glass wall, from which you have a beautiful view of the copper and the cutters that pass by.

The therapist Monika was our companion and guide in the skin care school (a two-hour activity that costs 450 kr per person including a glass of sparkling wine and access to this private department). We got all the confidence in her right away. She had a calm and nice way, possessed a good dose of knowledge and gladly shared tips. When it was time for the face mask, we painted on each other with brushes, which of course became a little freakish. Then we decided to let it work while we sat outside in the outdoor jacuzzi with our sparkling wine. Once upon a while the sky broke out and the sun gased as if it had been in the middle of July - a wonderful moment that clearly plotted several steps on the mare account!


In summary, we were all very pleased with our day cross with Birka. I myself felt both tired and relaxed by an intense day at sea while I had a good dose of luxury and a new inspiration to spend time with my daily life.

Here are some comments from my dear friends about how they thought it was:

"A lovely luxury cruise !!"

"The shellfish buffet was appreciated, too bad that there were so many people who appreciated it on board. The queues were too long ... "

"Nice and helpful staff, a perfect ship for mothers who want to get away on a luxurious weekend".

"I was really pleasantly surprised, and have definitely had more food."

"Spa, champagne, seafood, shopping, when will we go next time?"

"Estimated skin care course with amazing views, peace and quiet, no stress and flexible layout."

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