Sunday afternoon slipped Birka Stockholm into the harbor of Stockholm again after a premiere trip up to Sundsvall. The theme of the special cruise was skiing and the trip went under the name SkiCruise. Seafun was invited on the two day long cruise. Now I was going to tell you who spent the weekend in the country how it was, so hang out!

With me I had the friend Anna. Just before 16.00 we jumped out of the taxi and got rid of backpacks, ski cases, boot bags and I don't know everything in Birka's terminal. Checking in the skis went smoothly (we had our own equipment to avoid spending time on the ski hire) and soon we were installed in our nice Seaview premium cabins and could breathe out - the cruise could start!

After work with cruise control

We followed the program and after a compulsory safety exercise started after the work entertainment both in the newly renovated Lobbyn and Seglarbaren. The atmosphere was good but delighted as I am in the terrace we rather hung there, it is nice light and so cozy under the vines.

So much for partying you can't say it was there, but a bunch of happy guys wanted me to photograph them when they did the bomb in the pool (!). I warned them (it's not hard to figure out that you don't get it) but they insisted and I took the picture. And of course they were told. 😉

The only wet activity we ourselves devoted ourselves to was to cook the cruise's start with each glass. At the same time, we discovered an incredibly smart cruise ship that I tell you more about here; how to enjoy a glass of Chablis Premier Cru or other quality wine for a mock penny. Don't miss reading it!

While the evening continued with lectures on skiing as well as Sundsvall's history, we botanized around in all the promotional offers of the taxfree where they also demonstrated makeup technology and helped customers to become (even) better looking for the evening. We never got away from there as there was a lot to look at for two thirsty shopping ladies like us, but suddenly they approached at noon and we had to tear ourselves. 🙂

Three-course with Norrlandic signs

Just like Birka's other long cruises, the food also included this time; two breakfasts (of which one brunch) and two dinners, the Saturday lunch you had to solve yourself when you landed in Sundsvall.

The cruise had two dinner sessions; an early at 17.30 and a late at 20.30. The early was too early we thought and the late one was a little late ... I was starving literally when it was time to sit down!

The first dinner consisted of the following three-course menu;

  • Northern browned moose beef steak with spruce mayonnaise, fried onion, salad with capers, pickled trumpet mushroom and cloudberry.
  • Sooty mountain trout with cauliflower leaves, baked northern root vegetables, butter sauce, trout cream and salad of winter apple and celery.
  • Fresh cheese panna cotta with cardamom, deer root azpacho, chocolate soil and fluid on white peach.

As you can see, there was no need for us. 😉 I especially liked the reding, as it is one of my favorite fish. Älgråbiffen became no favorite with any of us even though the taste combinations were successful with the captain and other accessories. The dessert was fine!

Welcome drink and entertainment in Backstage

After dinner we went to the newly renovated Backstage where everyone was invited to a glass of sparkling wine and show media with Birka's entertainment hosts.

We also stopped and listened to the band Smalare than Thord who got the audience going well. However, our evening was early, we wanted to be in shape before the call in Sundsvall the next day with a ski excursion and a little else on the program!

On board, the entertainment continued until well into the small hours with troubadours and DJ's both in the lobby, backstage and up on the terrace.

Do you want to read about our ski day in Sundsvall - look for the next post! RovenBirka CruisesBirka StockholmBlogBaltic Seaafter work, moose, birka, birka cruises, birka stockholm, mountain trout, party party, dinner, norrlandish, Baltic sea, poolclub, pool hang, narrower than thord, terraceOn Sunday afternoon, Birka Stockholm slipped into Stockholm's harbor again after a premiere up to Sundsvall. The theme of the special cruise was skiing and the trip went under the name SkiCruise. Seafun was offered on the two day long cruise. Now I was going to tell you who spent the weekend on land ...Cruises - news, great tips and advice