Today's visit to Silver Whisper, one of Silverseas five classic ships, began with a cooking demonstration inside the Venetian Lounge. We were a group of journalists and a group of cruise enthusiasts reported via Globetrotter that included. The ship chef Rudolpho who usually cooked the food to the specialty restaurant Le Champagne On board, impressive quickly added one Porcini Velouté, a soup of truffle oil from Alba, which tasted celestial.

Silver Whisper had just finished an 10-day cruise that started in Southampton and waited for new guests during the day. Thanks to the change of travelers we were given the opportunity to see the newly renovated cabins waiting for their new guests. The suites are large, are available in seven different categories, the smallest without balcony is 26 sqm, the ones included are (including the balcony surface) 32 sqm. Silver Whisper, along with Silver Shadow, belongs to the world's most spacious ships, taking into account the number of passengers and the occupants on board. The only competitor there is Hapag Lloyd.


Silversea, an Italian shipping company, celebrates this year's 20 anniversary. First out was Silver Cloud 1994, which is also the ship we have ticked once. Silver Whisper both feels and is more modern, but the style is still very classic and elegantly shaded. The visually spectacular hands outside the windows - and on the plate.

Our lunch consisted of a delicious 4 menu that started with marinated crab with avocado, quail egg and caviar, followed by swordfish with sauté artichoke and a super butter ox fillet on a bed of mascarpone polenta and goose sauce sauce. In conclusion, we enjoyed the berries in vanilla sauce presented in a baked "basket" consisting of a thin and crispy shell.


The restaurant we ate in, The Restaurant, is the main restaurant and one of four restaurants on board. Two are included, two costs extra (40 USD per person). In Italian La Terrazza the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, there is also a buffet for breakfast and lunch but you can still send the waiter if you do not want to get up from the table yourself to get food :-). In the afternoons, afternoon tea is also served here. At the pool deck, grill is served both lunch and evening when you can also grill your food yourself on a lava table at the table, a very popular concept.

Silversea's largest ship Silver Spirit has six restaurants, but one can also eat in the cabin if you want to write what I wrote about in my previous post. The concept of all inclusive means that you have about 40 different wines to choose from for meals, as well as drinks and champagne. Vintage wines, spas, excursions and other personal purchases are added - except on their three expedition ships, including all excursions (however, the wine selection is a bit smaller on these ships).

The food is a part of the cruise experience. Silversea is the only cruise line that is members of Relais & Chateaux. They also have special gourmet cruises where the chef will accompany land and accompany the guests to the local market.


Otherwise, I asked a variety of questions about the shipping company and their cruise concept. For example, I was told that Burma is a really hot destination they have just finished, so they always try to get as close to the port as possible (as they can because their ships are significantly smaller than many others - compare Silver Whispers 382 for example Royal Caribbean Internationals or Norwegian Cruise Lines 2000-3000). While Silversea adds to Stadsgårdskajen, the others are fitting to Frihamnen.

When I stepped back from the tasting of a life in Italian luxury - and back "into reality" - I put the sandals back on a sunny quay in a warm summer cottage. A little comfort when it can take time before I'm on board again. The cruises are popular and their guests who know what cabin they want have book up to a year in advance.

Are you looking for a really luxurious cruise where your butler packs up for you and you have a good stop along the way, expect a weekly cruise to cost from about 24 000 kronor per person here on the Baltic Sea or in the Mediterranean (but they cross the whole world), however, the drink is included. Pack the smoking, but on a weekly crossing, Silversea often only has a formal evening when it is needed, while others work well with tie. Ladies pack an evening dress and a pair of other nice dresses or blouse with skirt.

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