Rosella, press image.

Viking Line's vessels Rosella has started with a new, family-friendly departure on Saturday mornings, called Family Day. The premiere was just over a month ago and the day trip goes between Kapellskär and Mariehamn in Åland.

The concept feels perfect - how many families are not tired of hanging on different playgrounds while knowing that without activity or an excursion everyone climbs on the walls at home. At home with us, it doesn't matter if we adults want to have a sleeping morning, the children are still up early! We therefore decided to test the tour.

It was a weeping morning when we were going out and cruising with Rosella from Kapellskär. Photo: Heidi Rovén.

Brunch and Ville Viking

Early on Saturday we jumped into the car and drove towards Kapellskär. After about an hour we arrived and even though it is possible to park right outside the terminal, we had booked with the car. Once on board, the set-up started with a solid brunch signed by the Swedish Chef National Team.

We got a window table and were able to enjoy the sea view while everyone was enjoying their favorites; pancakes or yogurt and flakes, omelette and salmon, fresh croissants or baguette with cheese and ham.

A couple of cups of coffee and cookies later we were all ready to meet Ville Viking! The toys had already started in the nightclub with music, dancing and of course bus with Ville Viking. All children received flashing discopins as well as reflections which were appreciated by our guys.

Little Theodor was face painted as a dog - Paw Patrol is high in course right now! : Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.
The play corner is not big but enough for the little while the guys played here. Photo: Heidi Rovén.
The three-year-old is already interested in clothes! Anything is not good! 🙂

Upstairs, Rosella has a playroom in the form of a knight's castle with ball sea, lego and toys. Here we also found a corner with pinball games and the like as well as a movie room where the movie Transylvania 3 was shown which our 8 year old rejoiced over! I myself steered the steps towards the ship's outlet. There were clothes for the whole family, accessories and toys, etc. - which I cheered over. 🙂

Outlet and free coffee

A really good price; Inside the bag is another handbag and you pay 789 SEK for both! (Note: this is not advertising, just a friendly tip!).

When we are still shopping, I would like to mention that the duty-free shop was surprisingly large with a wide range. And finally I got hold of the yellow bag set I had been looking for!

The staff were also very knowledgeable and gave advice on the wines (they have plenty to choose from) and there was also a small tasting of beer. The prices were very good too so we came out with a whole cart full of gadgets, it looked pretty fun!

Free cup of coffee for members, thanks Viking Line! Photo: Heidi Rovén.

Before it was time to get out of the boys, they did a little bit more on the dance floor while we took a coffee break - which Viking Line actually offered! If you are a member, you have probably also received the advertisement for Rosella. There is a coupon that provides free coffee and mazarin for two people. Really generous of Viking Line! (If you are not a member then it is free and can be applied for on the website.)

Ratings and facts

We thought family Saturday was a really nice excursion and just right long! Our guys are 8 and 3 years and best enough for children up to 5-6 years. Our 8 year old was a bit shy to be on the dance floor (or maybe it was because most people were younger on this cruise).

Getting a hug from Ville Viking belongs to when you cruise with Viking Line!

Of course you can also take this departure and stay at Mariehamn, for example if you want to start your Ålands holiday with Rosella's family-friendly trip. For those who do not have or want to take their own car, there are connecting buses from different locations.

For more information on Family Day, see Viking Line's website. Below you can also see a movie that we made about our family Saturday aboard Rosella! RovenBlogFamily CruisesBaltic SeaRosellaViking Linefamily, family cruise, family day, family trip, Baltic Sea, rosella, viking line, viking rosellaViking Line's ship Rosella has begun with a new, family-friendly departure on Saturday mornings called Family Day. The premiere was just over a month ago and the day trip goes between Kapellskär and Mariehamn in Åland. The concept feels perfect - how many families are not tired of hanging on different playgrounds while ...Cruises - news, great tips and advice