The staff starts a party in the Sapphire Restaurant in the middle of dinner! Photo: K. Scheiderbauer.

Most people who go on a cruise agree that the food is an important part of the trip. Whether you keep a restrained line or treat yourself to everything possible, you want the food to be good and that there should be a wide selection.

Cheaper shipping companies usually have a small number of restaurants that are included, which are complimentary as it usually is called. Besides their table in the main dining room for dinner (where one can choose to go or not) everyone also usually offer at least one buffet restaurant too and if one is lucky to have an alternative to.

Bright and sober in Sapphire Restaurant, one of two main dining halls at Carnival Breeze. Photo: Heidi Rovén.

The more expensive shipping companies with larger vessels can have really many options that are included, which of course is the top. If you have advice and don't mind spending a few dollars extra to get variety, there are always several specialty restaurants with either à la carte pricing (you pay per right) or an envelope fee that covers everything you want to eat and choose from the menu.

Super happy with the food

Because a cruise with Carnival Keeping very modest prices we had no high expectations for the food before our cruise Carnival breeze. It will be as it should be, we thought. In any case, hungry do not go on a cruise! Judging by our surprise when we meal after meal was more than happy, yes we actually didn't eat a single meal on board where we didn't like the food!

The family tests the à la carte breakfast on board. A little wait, but well worth it. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Carnival Breeze has 11 eateries, 12 if you count on room service. Of these, six are included in the cruise ticket and we tested all of them and ate us through a great selection of burgers and grilled meats, pizza and wraps as well as all kinds of buffet options you can imagine (including pastries and cakes to-die-for) and not least. lovely multi-course dinners. And yes, there was nothing but fast food (though Carnival's range kept really high quality even in this category).

The buffet and fast food on the pool deck

In this post I was going to tell you a bit about the simpler supply on board, like the buffet and the fast food. The buffet is the restaurant where you end up first and a whole lot of times in between on your cruise! 🙂 On the first day, this restaurant was the only one open and last day we ate breakfast here before we left.

Beach feeling at Lido Buffet, here you eat under a beach umbrella! Photo: Heidi Rovén.
Jetlaggade and first in place for breakfast; the kids look forward to their beloved Froot loops. 😉

The kids are crazy in the flake Froot loops, not the most useful one can eat maybe but we do not have the heart to deny them this little pleasure when we cruise so for breakfast they get to eat of their favorite which I am probably only available to buy (probably expensive) in any single specialty store at home. So they only eat it when we cruise.

How many froot loop packages can you print? Many apparently!

Often when you have landed and boarded the ship again it is already late afternoon. Then it is also in the buffet you can get hold of a late lunch so there were several visits to the buffet during the cruise. We tested a little of each and were pleasantly surprised every time over the good seasoned food! Fat thumbs up. 🙂

The selection of food in the buffet restaurant is wide.

In addition to the usual self-service departments, there were many other departments where a chef was preparing food after ordering. For example, there was a wok part, one for sandwiches and hot dogs, one for salad, an omelette station for breakfast etc. Of course there were also pasta, chicken and fish in various ways, meat and many vegetarian dishes as well.

Cakes in pastry class

There was also a fantastic cookie dish with gorgeous cakes that were not only beautiful to look at but tasted divine! This part was really "dangerous" because it couldn't stop eating even if one thought "I'll just taste a bite"… 😉

Do not go near this counter if you are watching the calories. Everything both looks good and tastes divine!
The cakes hold confectionery class.

The quality was so good, and the pieces they put up so big that I can say that I had not reacted if I had to pay 60 SEK for a piece! Don't miss the cakes in other words if you like pastries and a sweet piece for the afternoon coffee. The range and flavors were also varied daily.

Want to try several varieties? No problem, it's just pointing so the friendly staff cuts up a bit ...

For those who prefer ice cream, there are also soft ice cream machines in the buffet restaurant where you can take care of soft ice cream 24 hours a day in the flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate - or mixed! We helped to empty the machines quite well when the family has several glass lovers of great dimensions, haha!

The children were most attracted to the ice cream that was available in several flavors. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Busbra burritos and burger

On the same deck as the buffet, though outdoors near the pool deck, BlueIguana Cantina is located. This is more like a disk where you can point to your own Mexican burrito where you choose the content yourself. There was a lot of appetite to choose from as content - meat or chicken - and a whole side dish of accessories and sauces, all very fresh! I tested this and was very satisfied.

You decide your own mix but will be served, fresh and good.
A little seasoned or much? You decide!

On the opposite side of the ship, also near the pool deck, is Guy's Burger Joint in surfing style. It does not sound particularly remarkable but the fact is that we thought it was SINN that it was not because we ate here more times, so good were the burgers! And then we are no big fan of "fast food".

It looks a bit messy but tasted great!

Guy Fieri is a renowned American television chef who has given his name and concept to several eateries on Carnival's ships. And we must say that this is a successful collaboration! The burgers are the best we have eaten at sea, you just have to try them if you cruise with Carnival!

You choose your type of burger (there are five different ones with names like Plain Jane or Straight Up), and matches with lettuce, butter roasted mushrooms, onions and other. Just like BlueIguana, there are plenty of sauces and accessories and everything is very fresh and tasty !!

Fast food with quality

At the back, after the buffet restaurant, there are two more disks; Pizza Pirate and Seafood Shack. We visited a lot of pizza and a lot The pizzas are highly rated by us. Really good! Because Seafood Shack cost extra, it never became because we tested their range, there were so many other options included.

All in all, I just want to point out that fast food can taste very different. At Carnival Breeze it was well done and good, it didn't feel like "junk food" as you usually say. Good, tasty and well seasoned and cooked.

More about the other restaurants aboard the Carnival Breeze in the next post! 🙂

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