For the active family, it can be good to know that MSC Cruises has - at least at MSC Seaview - a discount system called Fun Pass, for selected activities onboard.

The system works like this: the more you buy / use the different family-friendly activities, the more you get to spend. You buy for a certain amount and get extra money from the cruise line to have fun for!

How the Fun pass works

Fun pass applies to the following activities:

* All attractions in Virtual world which are F1 simulator (racing), XD Cinema and bowling.

* Zipline.

* Video arcade games.

Amounts that you can buy the card for (and how much extra you get to spend):

buy for 25 euros, get 5 in free credits
buy for 50 euros, get 15 in free credits
buy for 70 euros, get 30 in free credits
buy 100 euros, get 60 in free credits.

We have tested the XNUMXD cinema, bowling and zipline (the racing simulator we have tried on other ships).

The 4D-cinema has three films that they change between. All are about 5 min long. We saw all of them! In one you should shoot at robots, another has zombies that you have to conquer and in the third there are pirates and you get points as you shoot at gold coins and treasures. Meanwhile the chair moves and you can feel the wind blow which tricks the brain to think you are actually moving back and forward, up and down! A great and really fun experience!
Price per time: 7 euro for children, 9 euro for adults.

The bowling has two courses where you can compete also as teams if you like. The bowling balls are available in many different sizes / weights. Digital screens counts the score and register all players points.

A game costs 25 euros for 30 minutes (45 euros for one hour) and a maximum of six players.

The Zipline is located out on deck and stretches over the pool area. It's fun but a quite short ride for the 10 euros it cost.

The F1 Simulator is not for children and costs 10 euro.

Worth it or not?

For families with activity-thirsting children and perhaps especially teenagers that can take care of them selves (and are allowed to move around the ship/stay in this arcade by themselves), I would say it is absolutely worth investing in a fun pass! And as you can see, the more you buy for the more you get to spend.

I have also found out that if you buy a full Fun pass online in advance (for 100 euro) you get 80 euros extra to spend. Therefore, for those knowing that their children otherwise will go on and on about trying the activites again and again - both getting this pass and buying it in advance may save you both money and give you peace of mind. :-D

Please note that the information in this post applies to new ships. On the Magnifica and Fantasia class you can also buy a Fun pass but here it works a bit differently; it's then an "All you can enjoy"-formula which means you can do the activites for an unlimited number of times as much as you like for the entire cruise (these ships do not have zipline though)! Prices vary depending on the ship and the length of the cruise. A price example for a week-long cruise with Magnifica is 45 euros for a Fun pass if you buy it online in advance and not onboard. RovenActivitiesBlogFamily CruisesMediterranean SeaMSC CruisesMSC Seaview4d bio, bowling, fun pass, games, msc cruises, msc seaview, video arcade, ziplineFor the active family of children, it may be good to know that MSC Cruises has - at least at MSC Seaview where we are now - a discount system for activities called Fun Pass. The system, or the card, works like this: the more you buy / use the various family-friendly activities, the more ...Cruises - news, great tips and advice