Me in Mixx Bar with a Rebellious Fish in my hand! Big thanks to photographer Peter Hanneberg for the photo!

Something that really puts a luxurious touch to a vacation is when you can have a nice drink in a equally nice environment. I'm not even saying the drink needs to contain alcohol - there are lots of amazing mocktails and smoothies - but sipping on something that suits your preference certainly gives me a great feeling anyway.

Norwegian Encore has 12bars, of which 10 is for everyone. What I mean by that is that one is inside The Haven and thus is only for Haven guests (those who paid for and stay in this luxury category and separate part of the ship) and that one is at the Vibe Beach Club where you have to buy a day pass to get in (and be at least 18 years old).

Vibe Beach Club, press image.

10 bars are still really good and enough to vary with a new bar each day of the week! But may I guess you will find your favorite spot quite quick, stick to it and maybe even the bartender who has understood your tasting preferences and shakes the cocktail just the way you want it!

Drink research with a pub crawl

I myself went out on a so-called pub crawl on board. It sounds both softer and wilder than it actually was, it was a press event and I just moisturized my lips with most of the drinks although I have to admit it was a special one I had a hard time leaving on the bar - so good was it! One thing that unfortunately makes it difficult to tell you what it all cost was that they did not have prices printed on the bar menus (since it was an inaugural cruise). When I asked, a bartender said that most of the drinks cost between 12-15 USD. But let us now go through the bars one by one and tell you a little about their orientation and style!

  • Skyline casino bar
    Thanks to jackpot screens immersed in the bar counter (!), this bar allows you to play while sipping a drink. Dangerous? Yes, maybe. Fun? Definitely. But also a good meeting place in the middle of everything and "on the way to..." if you want to meet up with someone before or after dinner for example.

    Skyline casino bar, press image.
  • Maltings Whiskey Bar
    This bar is also located next to a walkway, and if you are not captivated by the company or the drink you have in your hand, you can always look at passing guests! Although the name suggests that you primarily have a wide range of whiskey to chose from, it is of course possible to get something else in the glass as well.

    Maltings Whiskey Bar, press image.
  • Atrium Bar
    Hanging around in the atrium haven't been my thing at all on any ship really, but this one is really classy and gives a special feeling thanks to the high altitude in the middle. Here you will also be able to watch various sporting events and other things on the big screen and this is also where the guest relations is located and much more.

    Atrium Bar, press image.
  • The Local
    This XNUMX-hour open eatery also has a bar. Many people probably go here to get a juicy burger or other similar "pub food", so I guess you would go for a beer or maybe a coke here depending on what you feel like.

    The Local Bar & Grill, press image.
  • Mixx bar
    This bar with its perfect location between the two main restaurants Taste and Savor, is of course also a good meeting place before dinner. The drink list has a good selection and here you can find both older classics such as Side car and Mowcow mule as well as drinks as mojito, margarita and mai tai. Here I gave the bartender free hands and got back a Rebellious fish - the drink I hold in my hand in the picture below. Incredibly tasty and definitely a new favorite! For those of you who are now curious, I can let you know that Rebellious fish consists of vodka, passion fruit, cointreau, orange and prosecco. Lovely!
The Drink Rebellious Fish, photographed by Peter Hanneberg.
  • The District Brew House
    Cool and a little bit "raw" atmosphere dominated by leather, metal and - a wonderful sea view! While taking their wide beer selection very seriously (there are 50 different kinds of beer on the bottle and 22 tap beers to choose from) there is also a glimpse in the eye. Maybe the troubadour that entertains for the moment is joking around or you can take some fun photos with your friends in the photo booth that are in one corner of the bar. Do not miss the unique beer brand La Rubia, which is the cruise lines very own and you only can find onboard! The beer is light and easy to drink so it slips down dangerously easily. 😉
The District Brew House, press image.
Norwegian Cruise Line's own beer, La Rubia. Photo: Heidi Rovén.
  • The Cellars
    For those of you who feel more at home when swirling drops of red or white grapes in a glass, head over to this wine bar: The Cellars (A Michael Mondavi Family Wine Bar). Here you can pair different grapes with small bites, or maybe you even feel like taking an expert course around The Tasting Table.
The Cellars, press image.
Sommelier at The Cellars talks about the wines. Photo: Heidi Rovén.
  • Sugarcane Mojito bar
    Turn up the Caribbean feel to the max while enjoying tropical flavors in the company of a warm breeze and warm temperatures outdoors - or indoors for that matter. This bar with a wide selection of different mojitos offers the opportunity to choose from sitting outside or inside, as they are located along the walk The Waterfront. Here I tried both a pretty sweet pineapple mojito and a jalapeno mojito with a lot of sting in it!
Sugarcane Mojito bar, press image.
Jalapeño Mojito, photo: Heidi Rovén.
  • Observation Lounge
    Aperol spritz, wine, caipirinha or cosmopolitan - regardless of what you order, I dare to say that most drinks fit well with this view. Wow, they really didn't skip on either the space or the panoramic view they created in this bar! If I remember correctly, they had to take out quite a few cabins to make room for this XNUMX-degree bar which you also can find on Norwegian Bliss. But it was so worth it!
Observation Lounge, press image.
  • A-list bar
    Rumor has it that this bar was named after Andy Stuart, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, though not so much longer. After 32 impressive years, he has decided to quit but more about this in another post! In the meantime we raise a glass and say goodbye and thank you Andy for your brilliant work! In this bar we were invited to taste two cocktails that are otherwise only available in The Haven; Chill & Thrill. I tried the Chill which was magic - really tasty and fresh! It consisted of botanical spirits, cucumber & lime, elderflower tonic, sake and zen floral mist. Among other things ... really exciting! And it was also the one I most reluctantly left on the bar ...
A-list bar, press image.
The drink Chill goes in pale pink and is just so good! Photo: Heidi Rovén.

And after all these locations we haven't even mentioned the bars on deck, so there are clearly more than 10 (or 12 ) bars onboard I realize now. :-)

Have you cruised with Encore or any of the other of Norwegian Cruise Lines 17 ships and found your favorite bar or drink? Please tell us in a comment below!

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