soderhavetSouth Sea, now? Yes, not to go to maybe (summer time is only the time of year when it is worth staying at home in Sweden ;-)) but well, start planning a trip. The fact that I started thinking about these courses is due to an email from tour operator Tour Pacific, based in Helsingborg, and good on trips to the South (but also to Australia and New Zealand) - not least cruises.

One of the shipping companies they sell, as they themselves, according to themselves, learn to be the only one in Sweden, is Paul Gauguin Cruises. Only the name starts my imagination! I know quite a bit about the shipping company but I know the connection between the name and the main destination. Partly through my French art studies, I actually did a special job once again about just the French artist Paul Gauguin.

His art has fascinated me and not least his story. Gauguin traveled to Tahiti in search of a new undiscovered world to be inspired by and finally settled there 1895. Tahiti is the largest of the islands in French Polynesia and the most famous one we may think of mainly when we hear the South Sea. I have never been to the South Sea or Tahiti but I dream of those black beads you can only find there. It and the beaches, the food, the culture ...

Paul Gauguin Cruises has two ships specially adapted to cross the warm climate, in the shallow waters around the islands. The company has two vessels, Paul Gauguin and Tere Moana. Paul Gauguin can take 320 passengers, which means it is considered a small ship. Tere Moana only takes 90 passengers.

The advantages of small vessels are that they can reach small ports and make exotic beach shacks that are not possible for the big vessels. With a crew close to the number of passengers (at Paul Gauguin the crew consists of a staff of 206 people) one can also expect a high level of service.

I think the concept seems extremely nice! Superexotic water with exciting destinations, high service and small, exclusive ships. And then a relaxed holiday-loving attitude to it. It's not all luxury companies that require smoking and long dresses for dinner, and Paul Gauguin Cruises is one of them. Instead, it is enough with a finer firm casual dress style, shirt and pants are sufficient for men and skirts and blouses or a dress for women. On the cruise's "Tahitian Nights" passengers are encouraged to wear polynesian clothing style (skirt or polynesian shirt).

That said, I have not even crossed them but the well-appointed Condé Nast Traveler, Readers Choice Awards, has put them on the 20-in-the-list of the world's best small cruise ships 15 consecutive years, which should pay for something.

Other shipping companies that you can find cruises in the South Sea include, for example, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. I think that Swedish-owned Star Clippers had it too, but when I enter the website, I do not find French Polynesia as a destination, so they may have stopped it or just make a temporary break.

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