Jippiiie, finally time to cruise again! Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

After a smooth check in (with extended security routines) and bracelets on the children (mandatory, if they get away in an emergency they can easily be reunited with the parents) we were soon on board for our floating home for the next week; Jewel of the Seas!

A girl from the children's club was already standing in the terminal to attach bracelets to the children so that they were given the same collection station (in case of emergency) as us parents.

We were there fairly early and therefore steered the steps first to Windjammer, the buffet restaurant on board, for lunch while we waited to make ourselves at home and familiarize ourselves with our cabin that was not ready yet. The first thing we met at lunch was a delicious cake with the text Welcome Aboard - so nice! And although it was not easy to get the kids to eat some food first, I managed to steer them towards first eating some pizza and pasta before they got to taste the cake. 🙂

I immediately liked the more intimate feeling at Windjammer and thought that this cruise with a slightly smaller ship (well, Jewel of the Seas is still a pretty big ship with room for about 2700 passengers) actually has its benefits; less running and distance between the table you have chosen and the food you want to pick from.

Theo looks longingly at the cake! Photo: Heidi Rovén.
Windjammer buffet. Photo: Heidi Rovén.

Oh all those desserts, a heaven for those who like sweets. 😉
Theo ate well (not everything seen here but he got a lot to choose from). Photo: Heidi Rovén.
Who says no to cake?

Our cozy balcony cabin

Satisfied and satisfied then the clock showed that we could now walk towards our cabin. It is always just as exciting to open that cabin door and see what is hiding behind it! Our balcony cabin that belonged to the "spacious balcony cabin" kateogorie was very really a little more spacious and felt really fresh and not at all outdated. Although the ship was launched in 2004, it was upgraded at the latest in 2016 so it is perhaps not surprising that color choices and other things were stylish and elegant. We felt right away that here we would enjoy ourselves very well.

Stylish and functional, the cabin actually had really good storage.

The ship lay inside Dubai's port overnight so that it was possible to discover the destination.

Because I had made a big beginner mistake; namely, NOT to put swimwear and sun lotion in the hand luggage (even though this is something I suggest in my own cruise manual… * tandagnissel *) we got to bite into the sour apple and sweat in our long pants while we saw how the others bathed in the lovely the pools in the 30-degree heat… I did see a mother, however, letting her children bathe in only their underwear, surely they were also waiting for their luggage. However, there was no alternative for me, however much I wanted to let the children bathe, neither fresh nor respectful to others.

Isac likes to climb, so Jewel of the Seas had a climbing wall (about 10 meters) was perfect!
Isac got better and better during the week! On the last day he picked up all the "routes" time and time again like a spider!

Instead, Isac tested partly on the climbing wall while we waited for the luggage, and we went to see if the kids club was open for registration - something that is always good to do the first day when you as a parent can also come in and see the premises. It is not possible later on the cruise, then only the children can come in for safety reasons.

Mini golf - one of several activities on board

Now the banner club was not open, but instead we got stuck in the adjacent video arcade, where the children "pretend to play" around the machines. Yes I write pretended we are not so keen on burning money on such machines but luckily we were told that Royal Caribbean would have a free game hour a little later so it dotted our big guy in and had to play around on all the had what he obviously was very happy for! Very good and generous of the shipping company, and smart - because if the kids think they are fun, they will even laugh at the parents to play more, haha…!

How are you brother ??
Free games we have never heard of before, but Royal Caribbean apparently runs often this day 1.

The next stop was the mini golf at the top and farthest back of the ship. Clubs, balls, blocks and pens are in front so it was just to take a chance and start playing. The top when the procedure to get started with an activity is not complicated, so you have to find where to pick up clubs or that an activity is only available at certain times.

Junior and mini! Still in their aircraft jerseys they often wear when traveling. 😉
Cruising is life mom!

After a few hours, our patience began to fall, and I and Isac - our oldest guy - ran down to our cabin corridor again to see if our bags had not arrived at the cabin. For those of you who don't know; large suitcases are often left outside the terminal to the staff who attach luggage tags to them so that they know which cab they belong to, then they are transported on board and to the cabin. But, because there are many bags that will be on board, you can wait, which we also got.

Bath and a fridge with beer

Isac, who is a fly guy, thought we would look a little down the corridor and quite rightly - where our bags stood, they probably would not have been able to place them at the right cabin door yet. Glad to finally have recovered our luggage, we dragged them ourselves to our cabin and fished up swimwear so that we could finally have a premiere dip - something we really longed for!

Finally a ship with a water slide can be good enough for our smallest guy! 🙂

While the kids were playing and having fun in the adventure pool area, Kristofer went in search of something cool to wash down the travel dust in our dry throats. 😉 He came back with not only cold beer, but a whole bag of ice cream and beer he had received when he snapped on a 5-for-4 offer in the pool bar! Nice! 😀 The afternoon was spent in the sun and pool where we all enjoyed being aboard and having our entire wonderful week ahead of us.

Sun, heat and a cold beer.

First dinner in Tides Dining Room

As the sun set, we remembered that we should announce our restaurant's wishes at noon. We had booked My Time Dining which gives some flexibility; you do not have to relate to a dinner time that the shipping company chooses (early or late sitting where we usually think the early one is way too early and the late way too late) but can choose for themselves. However, one must book a time and keep it for the rest of the cruise. It went like this for us I can tell (we were kind of always late) yet we always got tables and met with a smile. The staff was great!

The first dinner on board is perhaps the best? You still have everything ahead of you…

The first evening I ordered Asian coconut milk soup with seafood for appetizer (I've eaten aboard Royal vessels before and knew I liked), a nice salmon piece under a crispy horseradish quilt (Horseradish Crusted Salmon - very good!) And for dessert I chose Warm Hazelnut Chocolate Cake ... mmm, delicious!

Here you can see the whole menu on the first evening on board. Very good stuff to choose from!

With a night flight behind us and hardly any sleep, it was only the cabin and the pillow that applied immediately after that, and we all fell asleep as logs as soon as we lay down; the children in the sofa bed folded into a double bed and we adults in the large double bed.

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