Panoramic pool on MSC Seaview, photo: Heidi Rovén.

Last spring we cruised with MSC Seaview in the Mediterranean. It was an experience I had longed for since the first ship in this class arrived; MSC Seaside (2017). Seaside has also given name to an entire shipclass that so far only consists of two ships; MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview. Another one will arrive spring 2021; MSC Seashore which then will be the next sistership in the Seaside-class however slightly bigger and with more features. MSC Cruises call it Seaside EVO (as in evolution I guess). Exciting!

The early pictures I had seen on MSC Seaview before the ship arrived, and that had got me all excited about this ship class were among others on the famous stern, the back of the ship. Open, sleek and high with open deck below as well as a glass bridge at the top and glass elevators. Amazing! Of course, I had to experience it. 🙂

MSC Seaview, press image MSC Cruises.

We were therefor thrilled when the whole family checked in on MSC Seaview in Barcelona last May. Here I have listed my best experiences and moments from the cruise. I hope you will be inspired to try this ship yourself - if you haven't already!

My best moments from our cruise with MSC Seaview

  1. Start the cruise with a sailaway cocktail in Seaview's atrium
Me in the atrium of MSC Seaview. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Each ship has an atrium, a middle part where it is often open several floors up. It is like the heart and center of the ship where you often find a bar which is a great meeting point for friends you want to spend the day or evening with. At MSC Seaview the atrium is so much more. It glitters and gleams and gives you the right party atmosphere instantly. The beautiful and MSC-typical Swarovski stairs sparkles on each side. In the middle you can find both a kind of scene where artists and cruise hosts can go out and talk (even the captain showed up here at one point) plus the walls are covered with large LED screens on which films and pictures are projected.

At one point, they also filmed and shot us in the audience (I remember they called it selfie-time), oh how we laughed and had fun with this with our kids! But not least; this is where we took the first drink of the cruise the very first evening and had a sailaway-toast! Finally we would get acquainted with MSC Seaview! 🙂

2. The balcony cabin

Isac looks out from our balcony cabin on MSC Seaview, photo: Heidi Rovén.

I know that this is a common question among first-time cruisers; is a balcony cabin worth the extra money? Yes! Of course, you are on board because you appreciate the sea, right? Then you want to be able to both see, smell and enjoy it (although sometimes it offers other scents too ... from large ports, other ships or passengers next door who do not respect the smoking bans).

Well, we didn't have any such problems this time and were very happy for our seaview and beautiful views of both other cruise ships and the inlets towards Ajaccio, Cannes and Civitavecchia above. It's our son Isac (here 8 years) that you see at the balcony railing in the picture above, a happy and experienced cruiser with +40 cruises behind him! In our balcony cabin at MSC Seaview we had a double bed for us parents and a separate bunk bed for the kids that they loved. It didn't feel crowded at all but worked perfectly. Read more about and see pictures from our balcony cabin here.

3. The tasty buffet selection

Calamares and charcoal-pizza at Ocean Point buffet, MSC Seaview. Photo: Heidi Rovén.

Buffets can be boring, monotonous, sleazy ... or fresh and super-delicious! For me, a buffet is a way to quickly get hold of a decent snack or a light meal when you want to spend time on something else. If you cruise with children it is unbeatable because you have the food directly, it is almost always open in the buffet and if they don't like one thing, you can quickly replace it with something else without having to wait for half an hour for it to be ordered, cooked and served.

In addition, you don't actually always feel like dressing up for "fine dining", sometimes you just want a yummy thing, what I assume Americans call "comfort food". 😉 This definitely includes pizza, and where to eat it on a cruise if not when cruising with an Italian cruise company! Above you see fried calamares which I love and another MSC favorite; namely charcoal pizza (hidden behind the salad). Don't miss it for God's sake the next time you're on board!

4. My lovely Balinese massage therapeut at Aurea spa

Ni Made Henni was the name of my therapeut that was from Indonesia and really skilled at her work! Photo: Heidi Rovén.

All spacenters with MSC Cruises are called Aurea Spa. I have never been disappointed about my experiences there, on any MSC-ship. The service have been great, as the execution of massages and others, plus the pricing has been the less expensive at sea (we will see how things will be from now on when another company recently has taken over Aurea Spa).

Also this time on board MSC Seaview I had a great experience. My friendly therapist (pictured above) gave me a fantastic Balinese massage, a specialty at MSC Cruises, and I left in a dreamy nirvana-state with much less tension in my body. If you do not have time for a massage at home with everyday tasks constantly on the programme, you should definitely take the opportunity on your cruise vacation. Since you are more relaxed than at home, the effect of the massage also has the chance to last longer. In addition, everything was super-fresh and fine and as you can see above, I even had seaview from my treatment room.

5. Experience the sea from the Bridge of Sighs

Heidi at Bridge of Sighs, MSC Seaview. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Of course, MSC Cruises flirted with the cruise destination Venice when they named the spectacular glass bridge in the stern at MSC Seaview. The "real" Bridge of Sighs was built in the 1600th century and stretches between Rio di Palazzo where prisoners were interrogated and the prison where most people ended up. The last thing they saw of beautiful Venice was through the windows of this bridge (which I actually have walked on and peeked out of), a view that made them sigh deeply - hence the name.

On board MSC Seaview you can also sigh deeply over the beautiful seaview but no prison sentence really awaits. On board you are free as a bird to do (almost) what you want and can choose from a variety of diversions and activities. The feeling when you stand there on the bridge, with the powerful waves far below, is breathtaking to say the least! Nothing for those with vertigo but clearly an awesome and special experience (although MSC Cruises are not the only ones with glass bridges at sea).

6. The heavenly ice cream from Venchi

Me and my boys with cones of ice cream onboard MSC Seaview. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Everyone who likes ice cream please raise a hand! In our family we may have different favorite flavors, but we are all true ice cream lovers! MSC Cruises collaborates with an Italian company called Venchi that makes both heavenly chocolate, ice cream and crêpes on board. Venchi is an old company dating back to 1878, so they have "some" experience of what they do! And they do it well, OMG how they do it well! The ice cream from Venchi is to-die-for.

There are plenty of delicious flavors on board that are served at several locations, for example in both of the pool bars. Chocolate, nuts, fruits, berries, sorbet of various kinds…you name it. You can get it in a cup or a cone or buy pre-cast ice cream on a stick made on board. I hardly dare to say that we probably ate at least one ice cream a day and I must have gained several pounds because of it - but it was so worth it, the ice cream was that good! 😉

7. Michelin chef signature dishes in main dining

Heidi at Silver Dolphin, one of the main restaurants on MSC Seaview. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

MSC Seaview has several different restaurants where the meal is included in the fare, plus several additional so-called special restaurants where you pay extra. Where you choose to eat for the evening is your choice, but one tip is not to choose to eat at a so-called special restaurant on an "elegant evening". On these nights, they usually serve a more elegant menu also in the main restaurants.

On our cruise we got a really nice surprise on one of our elegant evenings.The first of these nights there was a main course on the menu created by Michelin chef Ramón Freixa! Ramón Freixa is a Spanish star chef (one of several that MSC Cruises collaborates with) whose Madrid-based restaurant has won two Michelin stars. For MSC Cruises, he has prepared recipes for special dishes that they serve right on their elegant evenings and the one on the menu during our cruise was called Duck Royale. This dish made of duck was served with a goose liver sauce and onion which you also can see in the picture above. And it was really delicious! So, don't forget my tip: don't eat at the special restaurants during a gala / elegant evening - then the food is at its best also in the "regular restaurants"!

8. Lots of pools and swimming facilities

One sunny day the family just hung by the pool - so lovely! Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

I have read in different cruise forums that people sometimes complain about pools and bathing facilities on the ships. However, I have a hard time to see anyone doing it about the pool selection on an MSC Cruises ship! At MSC Seaview I could count to at least four pools, there is also a pool in Aurea Spa (where you have to pay extra to get in). In addition, one of these four pools is an indoor pool with a retractable roof - so they can choose whether to cover it or not depending on the weather.

Another good thing is that children get to swim in this indoor pool, which is not always the case with other shipping companies that also have an indoor pool on board. Then it is only for adults. We enjoyed our time both at the Panoramic pool as you can see above in the picture and the Jungle pool (the one they can take off the roof on). In addition, there is a pool in the stern called Sunset Beach pool then the kids can splash around and play as much as they like in Forest Aquaventure park - the waterpark area with water slides, water canons and a shallow pool.

9. Champagne bar with delights from the sea

Bubbles for two. Why not treat yourself with a romantic evening on board! Photo: Heidi Rovén.

The champagne bar onboard is right next to the large atrium of the ship. Here it feels inviting to sit down for a glass before dinner, before the show or why not enjoy some seafood, the “the delights of the sea"? A bottle of champagne is available in all price ranges, approximately between 49 - 200 euros. A drink with prosecco is available for 7 euros. For half a dozen oysters you pay 16 euros, 30 grams of caviar with traditional accessories (blinis etc) costs 42 euros.

If you really want to go all in you choose the whole range of seafood from tiger prawns, sea crayfish, lobster and crab to three different types of mussels and oysters, which costs 69 euros. In other words it's all within reach price-wise! And is there anything better than champagne and seafood? If you ask me, the answer is no! :-)

10. The best MSC shows ever

The artists at MSC Seaview were fantastic! Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer.

Sometimes the shows you see at sea are good, sometimes they provoke a yawn, sometimes you can't stop applauding and sometimes you get up and leave. And sometimes they are more than amazing! Such shows we had the pleasure to see on our MSC Seaview-cruise; the singers held world class, the dancers were superb and so were the “robot guys” who twisted their bodies in positions one would not think possible!

Several of these artists I saw when I was on MSC Grandiosa in November, so I guess some may have moved and are no longer onboard Seaview (unfortunately, but some of the other great artists should still be there). In any case, the entire audience in the theater stood up and applauded, it was a real success!

Some cruise facts

For those of you who get a cruise craving when you read all this, I would like to suggest that it is possible to cruise in the Mediterranean with MSC Seaview this year too. From now on and throughout the summer of 2020, MSC Seaview does 7-night cruises from both Barcelona, Genoa, Civitavecchia, Cannes and Palma de Mallorca (further ahead the ship also do shorter cruises of 5 and 3 nights). If you book well in advance, you can geat really good deals. RovenBlogMediterranean SeaMSC CruisesMSC Seaviewfamily cruise, cruise, cruise, cruise ship, mediterranean cruise, msc cruises, msc seaviewLast spring we cruised with MSC Seaview in the Mediterranean. It was an experience I had longed for since the first ship in this class arrived; MSC Seaside (2017). Seaside has also named the vessel class, which so far only consists of two vessels; MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview ....Cruises - news, great tips and advice