Aqua Class on Celebrity Edge - and a bit about the environmental issue

Press image, Celebrity Edge. The cabins are one of many things one has chosen to do a little differently on Celebrity Edge. I remember the first presentation I was on about the ship, then I was told about how the whole ship structure had to be redone - not only because of the Magic Carpet but also for…
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Birka Cruises

Novelty! Choose your favorite cabin at Birka Cruises

Seafront Luxury is a popular cabin category for those who want to indulge in a little more space and views. Press image, Birka Cruises. As the first shipping company on the Baltic Sea, Birka Cruises launches cab number placement. In collaboration with the digital agency Delorean, the company has since 2017 developed both for desktop and mobile. Now the trip has come to cab number placement…
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Kids Clubs

Stena Line's response when we almost missed the ferry

Stena Line's chubby chimneys are seen far away. Photo: Kristofer Scheiderbauer. Now there is a movie about our journey between Gothenburg and Kiel earlier this summer with Stena Line! The summer was pretty cruising otherwise, but at least we got this day at sea with the ferry Stena Scandinavica (click on ...
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